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Frame: Sinister X5
Lens: Polarized Photochromatic Light Smoke Dark to Smoke Lens
Conditions: Mid range lens, good for sunny and medium light days

Tired of packing multiple goggles because of varying light conditions? Try our innovative Photochromatic, auto darkening lenses. When exposed to UV sunlight the 509 Photochromatic lenses automatically darken the tint to adjust for bright conditions. When you ride into an area with less sunlight, the lens automatically transitions to a clear or light tint. The 509 Transition lenses were designed using innovative technology that allows them to quickly darken or lighten based on ambient light conditions. No longer do you need to carry multiple lenses for multiple lighting conditions. The 509 Photochromatic lens is one lens for all conditions. The Photochromatic technology is embedded on the inner pane of our dual lens allowing maximum reactivity in below freezing temperatures. The Photochromatic Polarized Light Smoke to dark Smoke is a great lens for medium to bright conditions. In medium light conditions the lens will have a light smoke and when the sun comes out it will quickly transition to dark smoke.

Sinister X5
We have worked closely with an industry leading anti-fog hard coatings company to develop a proprietary, goggle specific, anti-fog technology. We also tirelessly sourced the most durable, scratch resistant lens materials as well. The result is an innovative Italian sourced, dual pane lens. This new technology provides an unmatched anti scratch rating for both the inner and outer lens. In addition, we applied an additional, dual coated NO SCRATCH, hand applied hard coating. This protective, permanent hard coating provides an unmatched level of scratch resistance to your goggle lens.

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